Because it’s lonely at the top.

CEOs, founders, presidents and senior leaders of successful companies carry a lot of weight on their shoulders – the strategy, direction and culture of their firm; its continued profitability and growth; the livelihood of their employees, the needs of their customers, investors and community. Wedged between all these responsibilities are the needs of their families as well as themselves.

Many leaders in this situation have no one to turn to that they respect that can understand their unique point of view when they have questions or concerns?  A trusted independent board of advisors can provide honest, straightforward advice with no hidden agenda, just genuine support for their continued success.

Once CEO’s become exposed to the value that comes from engaging with their own peers, they begin to see their organization and life horizontally as well as vertically.  This type of engagement can not be found by reading leadership books, attending industry conferences, retaining consultants or obtaining advanced business degrees.  Trusted CEO groups are the perfect answer to the challenges faced by organizations and their senior leader.